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Strategic Content Design with the Core Model

Have you ever struggled with any of these problems?

  • Uncooperative subject matter experts

  • Negative attitudes towards content

  • Laborious stakeholder management

  • Missing cross-functional collaboration

  • Absent strategic alignment

  • Low digital maturity within the organization

  • Lack of understanding for the user perspective

Free webinar June 13th
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If so, you need to learn this method!

The Core Model is a timeless and practical method that any UX and content professional should know. It has been tested in the trenches for more than a decade, and is used and loved by content strategists and designers all over the world.

The method consists of a simple canvas (core sheet), an effective workshop format, and a practical philosophy for cross-competency collaboration.

Anyone can understand the basics of the model in less than 5 minutes, yet it has plenty of power "under the hood" that you can utilize in a multitude of ways.

In this webinar you'll learn exactly what the core model is, and how you can use it to create user-friendly products and services in cross-competency collaboration.

The webinar is a preview of my live 3-hour core workshop training on June 5 or June 6, where you'll learn how to conduct a core workshop on your own.

Se you at the webinar!

Are Halland
Creator of the core model

Kristina Halvorsen, author of Content Strategy

“I’ve seen [the Core Model] transform the way clients not only approach problem-solving and design, but also how they approach (and successfully untangle) large, complex projects.”

Larry Swanson, Content Architect at Elless Media

"The Core Model's elegant integration of strategic considerations and implementation details has made it the Swiss Army knife in my content strategy and design toolkit.

Magnus Revang, former Research Vice President at Gartner

“One of the greatest benefits of being Norwegian is not abundant nature and oil riches, it's the fact that the Core Model has been available to us for years.”
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