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Hi, I'm Are, the creator of the Core Model

I'd love to help you with training, facilitation and mentoring on the Core Model, digital strategy and user-centered design.

Are Halland

I have worked with digital product development, strategy, design and communication for more than a quarter of a century.

I've worked both as a consultant and in-house in all kinds of organizations, from complex governmental organizations to small and lean startups.


These days I work as an independent coach, speaker, facilitator and consultant, helping people take advantage of the simple power of the Core Model.

I'm also the author of The Core Model - A Common Sense Approach to Digital Strategy and Design.

Here are some of the things I can help you with:


I do both in-house training and open courses in the Core Model, digital strategy and user-centered design.

Check out my live workshop training

Facilitation and mentoring

I can help you out with untangling complex processes where you have to juggle multiple stakeholders.

Book a coffe chat to learn more

Contact me

Want to know more? Drop me an email at or book a quick meeting in my calendar:


Check out these podcast episodes to learn more about me and the Core Model:

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