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Start using the Core Model today

Get the tips, tools and templates you need to run a core workshop.

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The core sheet

To run a physical core workshop, you first and foremost need a core sheet. We recommend printing the black and white worksheet in A3 format.


Digital templates

You can also run a core workshop in digital tools like Miro or Mural, or you can run a physical workshop using the digital tools.


You can find the basic digital templates here:

Miro template

Mural template

All the templates + updates

To get access to all the resources, and receive updates about new templates as they are developed, please subscribe to the newsletter.

Buy the book

My book "The Core Model - A Common Sense Approach to Digital Strategy and Design" explains the model and how to run a core workshop in detail. Buy the book here.

Get training

To master the ins and outs of the model, you should join my exclusive training session: Strategic content design with the Core Model. Save your spot for the next session.


The Core Model comes with a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 license, meaning you can use it freely as long as you refer to the origin. You can also make changes to the model, but you have to share your work on the same terms.

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Happy core modeling!


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