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An exclusive training workshop with the creator of the Core Model

“If you have to choose ONE course in digital strategy / content strategy / content design, the Core Model with Are Halland is top of the list!”

Terje Mjåseth, Content Strategist at VIRKE

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​Learn the simple and powerful method that any content strategist or designer should know.

Have you ever struggled with:

  • Uncooperative subject matter experts

  • Negative attitudes towards content

  • Laborious stakeholder management

  • Missing cross-functional collaboration

  • Absent strategic alignment

  • Low digital maturity within the organization

  • Lack of understanding for the user perspective

Stop complicating, start collaborating!

Introducing the Core Model

The Core Model is a timeless and practical method that anyone working with content should know. The method has been tested in the trenches for more than a decade, and is used and loved by content strategists and designers all over the world.

Anyone can understand the basics of the model in less than 5 minutes, yet it has plenty of power "under the hood" that you can utilize in a multitude of ways.

Learn more about the method here

The core model

Kristina Halvorsen, author of Content Strategy

“I’ve seen [the Core Model] transform the way clients not only approach problem-solving and design, but also how they approach (and successfully untangle) large, complex projects.”

Larry Swanson, Content Architect at Elless Media

"The Core Model's elegant integration of strategic considerations and implementation details has made it the Swiss Army knife in my content strategy and design toolkit.

Magnus Revang, former Research Vice President at Gartner

“One of the greatest benefits of being Norwegian is not abundant nature and oil riches, it's the fact that the Core Model has been available to us for years.”

Sign up for an exclusive workshop with the creator of the Core Model

In this fast paced 3-hour workshop, you will learn everything you need to get started using the Core Model in your own organization. The creator of the method will guide you through the method step by step through practical exercises.

After the training you will be able to conduct you own core workshop, and have access to all the tools and templates you need. You will also leave the workshop with new perspectives on content, strategy and user-centric design.


The workshop is an online version of the workshop from CONFAB, which received a rating of 4.9 out of 5 from participants in 2022.

Ann Key, Content Strategist at Aha Media Group

“Thank you for an amazing workshop — the perfect blend of informational, interactive and inspirational — and for sharing your expertise! I can’t wait to apply the Core Model in our work.”

Marlen Knoph, Digital Project Manager at The Norwegian Trekking Association

It's incredibly satisfying to bring a complex subject down to earth. The Core Model is an important tool in the toolbox for everyone working with digital services!

Linn Hustad, Partner and Senior Designer at Gnist Design

“Absolutely everyone working on digital development projects should learn to practice the Core Model. It is a truly useful course on a result-oriented framework!”

You workshop trainer

Hi! I'm Are, the creator of the Core Model. I have worked with digital strategy, product development, and content-centric design for a quarter of a century and am considered a nestor in the fields of user testing, information architecture, and content design.

I have extensive experience working both in-house and as a consultant for a wide range of organizations, from huge and rigid corporations to small and lean startups.

Currently, I work as an independent trainer, consultant, and facilitator, offering both open courses and in-house training.

I am also a co-author of the upcoming book "The Core Model - A Practical Tool for Creating Better Digital Services" (to be published later this year).

Are Halland

Questions and answers

Who will benefit from this workshop?

The workshop is suitable for those who want a practical method for creating user-focused content and functionality with high strategic value.


For example:

  • Content strategists and content designers who want to involve key personnel in the organization in creating high-quality content

  • Consultants and marketers who want to involve customers and create alignment and ownership for project priorities

  • Website editors and content operations managers who want a simple tool to collaborate with stakeholders

  • Project managers and agile coaches who want to create a shared understanding of priorities in cross-functional teams

  • Designers and service designers who want a participatory design methodology to bring the customer journey down to earth and create progress and alignment

  • Anyone who wants to create better content, whether it's for social media, websites, or other products and services.

When is the next training scheduled?​

New training sessions are set up as soon as there are enough participants (minimum 10).


Fill out the form and tell me what time zone you are in, and I'll let you know when 

Tell me more about the Core Model and the workshop training

Join the free webinar on June 13th if you have any questions about the workshop training, or send me an email on

Hope to see you in the webinar on June 13th, and in the workshop training on June 27th 😀

Kind regards,
Are Halland

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